50+ Best inspirational Lord Shiva Quotes in English

Shiva Unites With Shakti To Create lord shiva quotes

“Shiva Unites With Shakti To Create.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

He Is Tridev He Is Mahadev shiva quotes

“He Is Tridev, He Is Mahadev.”

Shiva & Shakti Are Inseparable lord shiva quotes in english

“Shiva & Shakti Are Inseparable.”

Mahadev Teaches You To Do Deeds That Are Good For People inspirational lord shiva quotes

“Mahadev Teaches You To Do Deeds That Are Good For People.”

He Is All And Everything. He Is The Universe, inspirational mahadev quotes in english

“He Is All And Everything. He Is The Universe.”

Understand Shiva, His Silence Has A Lot Of Meaning, inspirational mahadev quotes in english

“Understand Shiva, His Silence Has A Lot Of Meaning!”

Who Believes In Him, Hears The Chanting Om Namah Shivay, inspirational mahadev quotes in english

“Who Believes In Him, Hears The Chanting: “Om Namah Shivay”

Don’t Let A Sin Being Committed For You Are As A Culprit As The Doer Is, inspirational mahadev quotes in english

“Don’t Let A Sin Being Committed For You Are As A Culprit As The Doer Is.”

“Adiyogi Belongs To The Past, Future And Even Present.”

“When The World Puts You In Trouble. Shiv Rescues You.”

“I’ll Conquer Your Hate With My ”

“Look In To My Eyes And See Through It Does Not Have ‘Duality’.”

“Lord Shiva Is The President Of This Universe, Without Him I Can’t Even Imagine, Where I Would Have Been.”

“Whether You Believe In God, Shiva Or Allah, Your Soul Should Know That All Are One.”

“Dear Shiva, God, Allah I Wish If You Can Transform All The True Human Beings To True Spiritual Beings Thanks.”

“I Believe In Shiva, God, Allah. It Is God Who Has Placed Himself Into Our Soul.”

“Listen, O Lord Of The Meeting Rivers, Things Standing Shall Fall, But The Moving Ever Shall Stay.”

“Don’t Turn Blue All Over Now.”

“I Screwed Up Guys, Real Big Time; Holy Great Grandmother Of All Screw-Ups!”

“Shiva Will Always Be A True Definition Of Love.”

“Learn To Control The Negative Thoughts In Your Mind And You Will Win.”

“You Make Your Own Luck. I Never Control You And It’s You Who Has To Realize This.”

“Sometimes, Staying Calm And Just Putting A Simple Faith Lead To Profound Peace.”

“One Thing That You Can Learn From Mahadev Is To Help The Ones In Need.”

“When Shiva Beats His DAMRU DAM DAM- Evil Shakes And The Wise Awakes.”

“Both The Eyes Are One-Sided. To Get The Perfect Balance, You Need Shiv Ji’s Third Eye.”

“You Are Free To Make Any Decision You Desire, But You Aren’t Free From The Consequences Of Those Decisions.”

“Who He Can Control His Mind Will Be Able To Control Any Situation.”

“Nothing Is More Important Than Life. It’s The Greatest Gift That You Should Always Remember.”

“May Lord Shiva Shower His Benign Blessings On You And Everyone Connected To You.”

“The Whole Universe Bows To Lord Shiv And I Bow To Lord Shiva. Har Har Mahadev!”

“Shiva Will Be Your Side, When You Trust Him And Follow The Path.”

“Detachment From The World Means Nearness To Shiva. Souls That Are Attached To Both Suffer Immeasurable Pain.”

“O God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus I Can Feel You All In Me, I Can Hear You All Within My Soul.”

“Shiva Is Ardhanari – That Means He Is Half A Woman, Half A Man. Without The Feminine Dimension, He Cannot Be A Yogi”

“I Am Shakti, As Well As Shiva. I Am Everything Male And Female, Light And Dark, Flesh And Spirit. Perfectly Balanced In One Single Moment Lasting An Eternity…”

“Creation And Destruction Are Attached. If Something Dies, Another Thing Takes Birth And Everything Between The Creation And Destruction Is Your Journey Of Life.”

“His Blue Throat Shows The Poison He Drank And The Control Over Anger Which Must Be Transformed In A Constructive Manner Instead Of Harming Someone.”

“Those Who Fit In Social Constructs Are Loved And Respected In Society. Those Who Don’t Fit Are Labelled Destructive. They Get Love Only From Shiva Because He Knows That There Can Be No Construction Without Destruction.”

“Get High On Meditation, Not Addictions. Try This: Sit Calmly, Let Loose Your Head And Feel Your Heartbeat. Head Will Feel Like A Ball And Heartbeat Will Give A Nudge To The Ball Thereby Causing Subtle Swinging Motions To It. You Will Get High In 5 Minutes .”

“Fire Is His Head, The Sun And Moon His Eyes, Space His Ears, The Vedas His Speech, The Wind His Breath, The Universe His Heart. From His Feet The Earth Has Originated. Verily, He Is The Inner Self Of All Beings.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“We Say Shiva Is Swayambhu– That Means He Has No Parentage. No Father, No Mother, Because Genetics Means Repetition, Which Means Cyclical Nature. Cyclical Nature Means You Are Going In Circles, Which Means You Are Not Going Anywhere.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“Fire Is His Head, The Sun And Moon His Eyes, Space His Ears, The Vedas His Speech, The Wind His Breath, The Universe His Heart. From His Feet The Earth Has Originated. Verily, He Is The Inner Self Of All Beings.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“When The Gods And Demons Were Fighting, Mahadeva Didn’t Say That Gods Are Right And Demons Are Wrong. A Neutral And Unprejudiced Power Was Established In The Form Of Shani Deva We All Have Our Prejudices. If Mahadeva Didn’t Judge, Who Are We To Judge Others?”

Mahadev Shiva Quotes

“Our Problems Are Like Raktbeeja Demon Slayed By Mahakaali. His Blood Worked Like Seed That Produced More Demons. One Problem Contains Seed Of More Problems. The Trick Is: Do Whatever You Can To Get The Solution But Don’t Let The Blood Spill. i.e. Don’t Get Involved In The Blame Game.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“Ego Can Climb Mount Everest, Not Mount Kailash. Because Kailash Is Inside You. Climbing It Means End Of Ego. Why Would Ego Go Towards Its Own End? Ego Is Just Happy Listening To Stories About Kailash And Shiva.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“Ajna Chakra, Kurma Chakra, Padma Chakars, Mahapadma Chakra And The Shiva-Shakti Chakras Are Associated With Lord Shiva Along With The Vishuddhi Chakra And The Muladhara Chakra.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“The Faithful Of Shiva Or Dionysus Seek Contact With Those Forces Which…Lead To A Refusal Of The Politics, Ambitions And Limitations Of Ordinary Social Life. This Does Not Involve Simply A Recognition Of World Harmony, But Also An Active Participation In An Experience Which Surpasses And Upsets The Order Of Material Life.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“The Journey To Meet Shiva Is Difficult. You May Have To Wash Dishes In Roadside Eateries, Spend Nights At Railway Stations, Disappoint Your Parents And Loved Ones Who Are In Grip Of Maya. 1 In A Million Undertakes That Journey. Others Just Become Part Of Fan Groups And Get Intoxicated On Songs And Substances.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“Many Have Come To Understand That While Reality And Truth Are Not Always The Same, They Do Not Necessarily Oppose Or Preclude One Another. The Myths Of Shiva, The Lake And The Mountain, Buddhist Stories And Visualizations, The Feeling Of A Mountain Rising: None Of These Need Be Literal In Order To Be Considered Truthful. Such Moments Simply Point To A Truth As Complex As The People Who Seek To Understand Them.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“I Am On My Road To Meet My Beloved, It Shall Pass Through The Storms, Hustle & Bustle. But It’’s In Those Silent Moments, I Feel His Power… And A Connection Is Established – Me With The Divine, Me With Myself. He Is On A Journey, From His Abode To Mine. And I Know.. I Won’t Really Find Him. He Is Simply There, Everywhere. ”

Lord Shiva Quotes

“You Dislike Some Things And Want To Remove Them From The Face Of The Earth. This Is Maya, The Karmic Trap. But It Turns Into Leela, The Karmic Play, If You Are Aware That There Is A Universal Intelligence Bigger Than Your Intelligence. The Universe Has Brought Those Things Into Existence And The Same Universe Wants You To Try And Remove Those Things.”

Lord Shiva Quotes

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